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Wednesday · August 11 2004

Regarding the current Olympics poll, I was sort of hoping someone would vote for “I watch for the national pride and pageantry.” Then I would get to tease them.

Is it unpatriotic of me to hope the U.S. basketball team loses in the first round?

I couldn't name a non-sprinter individual Olympic athlete other than Michael Phelps until I peeked at the “Hottest Olympic Babes” feature in the Stuff mag floating around work. And I still can't.

I'm hoping harder for no doping scandals, no embarrassing displays of arrogance (ala the 2000 U.S. men's relay sprint team), and no political grandstanding more than hoarding gold medals.

I hope a Laotian athlete finishes somewhere other than last.

What you had to say:
August 11 2004

I had to vote for the one that mentioned equestrian just b/c it mentioned equestrian.

August 11 2004

But you would have voted for pageantry otherwise?

August 11 2004

Um, no. Sorry. Me? Pageantry? I was originally going to post about how in this day and age nobody has national pride pageantry, but I knew I'd be opening myself up to criticism from people who believe that national pride is a good thing even though our government is a little misdirected at the moment.
And, of course, I'd think they might be right.
So my other vote would actually have been swimming/gymnastics etc. done.

August 11 2004

I wasn't going to tease someone for having national pride. I think we've convinced ourselves that our country isn't worthy of our admiration and I don't buy that. Arrogance and pride are different things.

I was just going to tease because I think the word pageantry is funny.

August 11 2004

Can I still hope the basketball team loses? It has nothing to do with national pride . . . I just don't think it's very sporting to trot the NBA out there, and watch them play much worse (and with much less passion) than during the regular season. "Sporting." There's another word to make fun of.

August 11 2004

I am usually gymnastics and swimming. But I am going to try and schedule some Table Tennis and Fencing time this year. Go Laos Olympic team!

August 12 2004

It's a misconception that the U.S. trotted the NBA out there to compete, here's an article that clarifies:

Also, I don't think they necessarily play worse & with less passion than the regular season - globally, lots of countries are getting better (and more international players are in the NBA than ever), and amongst the team: it's tough to get together after the NBA season and prepare for 6 weeks with non-teammates.

Don't forget: we were winning gold long before the NBA were the only players world-wide that were banned from the Olympics.

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