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Friday · July 30 2004

I worked a long day yesterday. Today I have a client meeting that should run all afternoon. Tonight our friends Jay and Jill are getting married and we'll celebrate with them along Lake Michigan. Stacy and I fly to Portland, OR tomorrow, drive to Seattle on Wednesday, and fly back to Chicago the following Monday after her brother, Brad's, wedding on the weekend.

So if you're wondering why this page looks the same everyday for the next 10 days, wonder no more.

I'm very excited about the trip to Portland. Steve is flying up from Denver and Tony and Shafiq live in the city. The four of us haven't hung out together in a long time. It's a year short of the 10 year mark for an Evans Scholar reunion, but I think it'll have to do.

What you had to say:
July 30 2004

well boo. how the hell am i gonna amuse myself all week?

July 30 2004

maybe kegz can set up a spot where we can yell at each other some more on the politics. We seem to have a lively debate going here.

Personally I would love to open a dialogue that looked more objectively at the whole concept of the "right" and the "left". Most of the time it degenerates into a highly emotional name-calling session before the discussion can really get down into the meat of the issues.

August 07 2004

Hey Kegz, what are these spam e/m's you're getting and what's their function? Is somebody trying to hurt your blog?

August 08 2004

Yeah, I was wondering about that too, b/c I thought there was some agent you could install to prevent that? Weird.

August 08 2004

They are spam and annoying. This particular wave is all from one source, but I can't do much about it while I'm away other than deleting what's there.

I'll look into better solutions as soon as I can (I have a couple in place already, but they're not enough obviously).

I may change the whole format here soon anyway, so we'll see.

August 08 2004

Fingers crossed now.

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