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Thursday · July 29 2004

Will Ferrell as George W. Bush
Ferrell's impression of Bush's mannerisms and speech cadence is frighteningly accurate.

The clip is slow loading but funny as hell.

I am George W. Bush and I approve this message. In fact, I think it is awesome.

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What you had to say:
July 29 2004

Wow. That was hilarious. But just think how much more entertainment we could get out of Kerry if he were elected!

July 29 2004

Oh my god, I just watched it twice.

July 29 2004

You know me. I loved it until it was over and I realized that ACT - like lots of other youth-based progressive political organizations - seems to think it can smack Bush down without ever mentioning John Kerry by name. It's not going to work. You can't walk into a voting booth and vote "no" to Bush; you have to vote for someone. And if you vote for anyone other than Kerry you're not taking your disrespect for Bush seriously.

John Kerry is stiff and speaks too carefully but he's a far better man than Bush is and can give us all pride in our country and hope for the future again... if we campaign for him, and vote for him.

Talking shit about Bush is easy and funny, but it won't convince any undecided voters to vote for Kerry and it won't get people registered and into the booths in November. I love laughing at him, but I hate him and his friends too much to see him as a joke.

Sorry. I guess most of this post is silly and too emotional. It's late. Never mind. Go John. Win.

July 29 2004

I promise you if Will Ferrell had done a parody of Kerry that I found just as funny, I'd post it. I'm sorta puzzled if people's votes are actually swayed by a clip like this, but I probably overestimate. (or is it underestimate?)

July 29 2004

I know you would Kegz and I'm glad. I find Kerry a lot funnier than Bush. My issue isn't with Will Farrell's performance at all. Just with the huge waste of money and energy I keep seeing thrown into these anti-Bush campaigns - as if we can all vote for "Anti-Bush." If Bush wins again - and despite the unanimous disrespect he's shown by urban intellectuals he probably will - one of the only positive by-products of that will be the lesson his victory will teach American liberals: showing that you're smarter than the president - any president - is very easy to do and accomplishes almost nothing.

July 30 2004

this sort of thing may not be directed at swing voters, but at young, already democratically-minded people in swing states. I've heard a lot of news coverage just recently about getting the voters out to actually vote as being one of the key things that will decide who wins the election.

Of course, one can also play devil's advocate: negative press coverage is still, in the end, press coverage which gets you in front of the electorate.

July 30 2004

Yeah. And you're right about the relationship between voter turnout and who wins: the more people show up, the better Democrats do. That's why part of the Republican strategy for a long time now has been to encourage voter cynicism and apathy. The more we believe that voting is silly and that both parties just suck equally, the better the Republicans do. So when I see things like this (very funny) movie and notice that the sponsor says much less about voting for anyone than about not voting for someone, I worry.

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