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Tuesday · July 27 2004

I felt slow and stupid when the crowd roared to memorable line #2 from Bill Clinton's speech last night (the first being “Send me”): Strength and wisdom are not opposing values. My mind stumbled over who was the strong, who was the wise, who was one and not the other, etc.

I considered it for a minute and, even on reflection, I think it's a subtle and almost too clever point. By the immediate and overwhelming response of the crowd, I would have guessed Clinton made a more immediate and bold stroke like: George is a monkey-faced dunce.

No need to explain it to me now. I got it.

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July 27 2004

Is there a way to post comments on the voting poll thinger? For example, I was planning on catching Obama all week, but I am going to a Sox game tonight as it turns out. However, I doubt I'll be able to miss the sound bites on the radio the next day. I encourage people to tune in, as he is a really phenomenal speaker.

July 27 2004

There is a way to do it, but I don't have it enabled. I thought maybe poll comments would be overkill, so I left it off. I'll play around with it at some point.

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