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Tuesday · July 27 2004

We flipped channels between Bill Clinton on stage and LaTroy Hawkins on the mound last night — Bill for me, Cubs for Stacy. When Clinton was chanting the “Send me” refrain, referring to John Kerry's repeated response to duty, I thought, “I wish we could send you.” Clinton would destroy Bush in this election.

After the speech, I turned to Stace and asked, “Wasn't that great?” She half-heartedly approved my Clinton worship, much more pleased that Hawkins came through and saved a 3-1 victory.

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July 27 2004

I was watching the Cubs for the most part, too, but the few moments I clicked over for reminded of me when I first saw Clinton, a week or two after he declared he was running for President, a virtual unknown from Arkansas. I saw him with my roomate - a die-hard Republican - and when the speech was over he turned to me and said, "Dammit. That's our next President."

I just hope the election is more of a sure thing than a Hawkins save.

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