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Monday · July 26 2004

The last couple days were the most welcome rest I've felt in a long while. We ate cherry pie with ice cream, shared stories around the fire, listened to ballgames on the radio, floated in the sun, rode bikes along the road, read mystery novels, and cleared our heads. I gave thanks for the miracle of recovery that made this weekend possible.

When my weekend recap is short, I've done a good job of taking a break.

What you had to say:
July 26 2004

glad to hear it Jay!
from the way the two of you keep busy- i'm sure it was much needed. Let's talk before you head out to Seattle.
Love you,

July 26 2004

I did much the same thing (though it was coconut cream pie, not cherry). Took a fairly long hike (did you know there's another state park _right next_ to Starved Rock?), slept (a revolutionary concept), read, grilled fish, etc. . . It's amazing to feel like a human being again, for a few hours at least.

July 26 2004

wow, that's sounds perfect. glad you guys had a good time.

July 26 2004

I went camping for the weekend in Kings Canyon about 1 1/2 hours from me. We were way up there. Much relaxation on my part, slept, read, ate, and hiked. Feel relaxed today!

July 26 2004

I definitely need to make a point to float around in the sun more. The cherry pie helped, too.

July 27 2004

Recovery is a miracle. Truly.

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