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Friday · July 23 2004

Left of the Dial
Rhino is releasing a 4-CD compilation of songs from 1980s college radio.

The collection is impressive and educational in its sheer depth and diversity. Punks (Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Bad Brains) share space with the Paisley Underground (Prefab Sprout, Dream Syndicate), electronic popsters of “Madchester” (New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses), miserable romantics (the Smiths, the Cure), beautiful noisemakers (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Ministry, Mission Of Burma), jokers (Camper Van Beethoven, the Dead Milkmen) and a new generation of rock poets (the Replacements, X, Kate Bush).

The link has the full track list. I don't know who will want this set more: me or Stacy. Release date: October 5.

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What you had to say:
July 23 2004

Wow! I am pre-ordering this one.

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