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Wednesday · July 21 2004

How NOT to Talk
A complete list of infuriating conversational tactics: Ad Hominem Variants, Sleight of Mind Fallacies, Delay Tactics, Question As Opportunity, and General Cheap Shot Tactics and Irritants

Worst of all is the “I'm not saying this” ploy.

This is a marvelous way to come off as nice while saying things that would otherwise be considered rude.

“Have I ever brought up the $523.52 you owe me? Never! Have I ever embarrassed you or made you feel bad over it? Have I ever told you how much I need that money? No, I never have.”

“I don't care if other people say you're opinionated (or boring or overbearing, or etc.)”

“I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but (blah, blah, blah…).”

“My dear congregation, I hate to speak of money matters, but (money, money, money, etc.).”


What you had to say:
July 21 2004

saw this charming one thru the link:
"What do you think the answer to your question is?"

July 21 2004

oh! another favorite:
"Who would have thought you had it in you?"


July 22 2004

I hear "Fast Answers" around here all the time. I think Amway started this and every stock broker relied on it throughout the 90s (though I hear less about "virtually guaranteed 12% annual returns" these days).

July 22 2004

I need to work on delay tactics. Would you like the long or short answer?

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