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Tuesday · July 20 2004

When October comes, you'll want to look back at the 2004 Cub season and wonder exactly when the turning point came. Today's 11-8 come from ahead loss to the Cardinals will be the game you point at.

Either the wheels will completely fall off and the Cubs will sputter out of the wild card race or the team will quit bitching at umpires, stop making excuses about injuries, suck it up, and play some winning baseball from here on.

This team thinks everyone owes them something; that's the attitude they bring everyday. I'm tired of Zambrano's immature antics, Hawkins' attitude, little league baserunning mistakes, Sosa and Alou staring at the ump on every called strike, and Dusty Baker watching the whole show with a toothpick stuck in his lip. You've seen parents who let their 7 year old run around the grocery store like an embarrassing, screaming psycho because they're scared to discipline him? That's Dusty managing this team right now.

I am close to losing respect for this team and it has nothing to do with winning or losing games; it's the way they are playing them.

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What you had to say:
July 20 2004

Amen. You don't blow a 6 run lead because of umpires. They definitely have to stop bitching and play like they can. They coasted today after their early lead and it became emblematic of their season so far.

July 21 2004

I dunno. I think the Brewers sweep coming off the Sox series will be seen as the real kick in the gut. Or even the failure to take the fourth game in the next Milwaukee series - that would have been a nice revenge (three outta four), and get the season back on track going into the last series with the Cards.

July 21 2004

If they tank, then I agree the Brewers sweep was the first step in the mud. In those losses nobody hit the ball. Sometimes your bats go cold; those things happen. It's the way they played the last 2 that makes them more symbolic. I think you'll look back and say, "Yeah those Brewers games were pretty bad, but after the 2 game Cards series, that's where we <insert outcome here>"

The last 2 versus the Cards were entirely winnable and the team crapped down their collective leg. Their frustration and low morale got in the way of playing the game.

I think Hendry needs to get the team some bullpen help.

July 21 2004

You guys actually sound like Sox fans in your estimation of the Cubs' failing season. At long last, Cub fans who aren't delusional. Quite refreshing to read, guys. Thanks. You've given me hope for Cub fans everywhere.

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