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Tuesday · July 20 2004

The World's 50 Worst Beers
When you care enough to drink the very worst, this is your party shopping list.

I was hoping to see more uniquely awful concoctions like Cave Creek Chili Beer, but the list is dominated by shameless marketing ideas (dry, ice, and low-carb brews) and pisswater classics (Meister Brau, Milwaukees Best, and Natural Light).

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What you had to say:
July 21 2004

Wow- no less then 7 Australian beers on that list! I must say I was surprised not to find my old Maryland fave, National Bohemian, or "Natty Bo" as we affectionately called it in high school. maybe they stopped making it....

July 21 2004

They were still making Natty Bo when I was in DC, but that was over five years ago now. Apparently, you can still get it in 40s.

July 21 2004

Rated in the 6th percentile overall. Brewed by Miller. Did not know that.

July 21 2004

well, huh.

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