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Monday · July 19 2004

I woke up at 6:30 am Sunday and couldn't fall back asleep. I wanted to leave a message for one of my friends on their answering machine so I wouldn't have to remember to call and say what I had to say at a more decent hour. I couldn't do it because it's rude and a good way to lose friends if you call their house at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. I had to wait until later and then I forgot to call.

Problem: Telephones work one way. You call; it rings. The person being called has total control over how they are notified. As the caller, you can only call at a reasonable time. Compare to email.

Idea: No ring calling. Give me a way to make a phone call without the ring. I want to go straight to the answering machine without waking your dog.

If this is already possible with some obscure phone option I'm not aware of, nevermind.

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What you had to say:
July 19 2004

it's possible on a lot of voicemail systems - backdoor or silent messaging works great.

Bell Canada's formula for getting access to networks is pretty reliable - 3 digit area code of the person you're calling + 2100 + 3 digit exchange of the person you're calling. From there you're prompted to enter their phone number.
I think there is even a delayed delivery option.
It might work on Chicago's systems too... I wouldn't be surprised if they are running the same voicemail software.

Until this gets a LOT more straightforward though, your friends will have to turn their phone off, or you'll have to stick to email. Or go back to sleep ;)

oh, and great blog.


July 22 2004

The Simpsons on yesterday evening touched on this, too:

Lenny and Carl pull up to Homer at the locked gate of the Nuclear Plant as Homer's yelling for somebody to let him in, obviously not knowing the plant is closed for the day.

Lenny, to Homer: "Didn't you get the e-mail?"

Homer: "What's an e-mail?"

Lenny: "It's like an electronic letter."

Carl: "Or a quiet phone call."

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