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Monday · July 19 2004

I'm determined to get the weekend in review posted today despite a to-do list filling both sides of a page, so let's go.

Friday night was a music marathon with Stacy and Chris. We saw Wes (John Wesley Harding) at a 7pm early show at Schuba's. His performance was as good as I've seen him in at least 5 years. The current political climate is ripe for his wit in protest. He's a Brit who has been living here 15 years and “even bought a house”, so now it's “okay for me to criticize your president, unlike Billy Bragg who only comes here when the weather is good.”

Wes announced an all-covers set at midnight at The Hideout — interesting prospect. We made it there around 11, early enough to see Tammy Faye Starlite's performance. Tammy's rants would make Harvey Finklestein blush and laugh his ass off. She assaults religion, conservatives, whores, infidels, and Jeff Tweedy. Think Patsy Cline + Jesse Jackson + Courtney Love on a profanity binge.

We planned to go to the beach on Saturday, but the weather stayed cool and breezy. Instead we looked in the fridge, saw no food, and rode over to Lincoln Square to try the new faux-old-timey soda fountain shop at Lawrence and Lincoln. The Market Days sidewalk sale was on and we ran into Jason's purse tent et al. The soda fountain (J.P. Franklin's?) wasn't bad, but they're still getting the show together. One thing there: whoo-boy is it loud. I think a 7 year old kid was having a birthday party; that or the private party room was hosting a zoo.

BKing was in town staying at Danny's for the night. We went by to grill chicken and veggies (and pick up veggies on the way), but the Clark St. Market was out of produce. I asked the cashier girl if they were going out of business and she shrugged, “I don't know.” That'd be a bummer if we lost the nearby market altogether, but a boon if the store is just changing hands and a better owner takes over. I'll miss the convenience.

Without the veggies, Dan grilled a large amount of chicken. We finished up at Hopleaf where I invented a new game with Brandon: Wisconsin Town Word Association. I say the name of a town in Wisconsin and he (a Wisconsin native) tells me the first thing he thinks of. I'm not going to win any game design awards, but I did get to say “Waupaca” and “Wausau”. Brandon taught me that parking and the desire for convenient parking is the root of all bad things.

I woke up at 6:30 Sunday morning and couldn't fall back asleep. I sneaked in a couple extra sleep hours before we met the Cardinals and their girls (more Wisconsinites) at a suburban community pool. It was just like the summer days at Norridge Pool when I was a kid; I was skinny, pale as a ghost, but this time I can go in the pool during the “health” break.

We spent the late afternoon and evening with my mom visiting my grandma at the nursing home and my aunt who is in physical rehab following an awful car wreck on vacation in Tennessee. Health in the family hasn't been top notch, but then it really hasn't been in a long while. I was happy to see my aunt improving and ready to return home this week; my grandma is sort of a different story and I'll leave it for now.

Stace drove home Sunday night and we stopped to decompress, talk, and walk around Montrose harbor under the dusk. She snapped a few photos of the hazy lit skyline while I sat barefoot in the grass.

What you had to say:
July 19 2004

do they call 'adult swim' 'health break' now?

July 19 2004

I think it was "safety" break. Maybe so adults don't throw the rascally boys out of the pool?

July 19 2004

It was "safety break," but when I was a kid it was always "health break," so that's what I called it.

July 20 2004

Oooo. I DO wish I had seen Tammy Faye!

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