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Thursday · July 15 2004

The AWOL Machine
AWOL stands for Alcohol WithOut Liquor. The inventor “discovered that by mixing spirits with pure oxygen, a cloudy alcohol vapor can be created which can be inhaled.”

When you want a bit of whisky — you breathe in the mouth, straight to the brain.

Finally, a solution to the two greatest problems today's drinkers have: hangovers and calories. This is the dieters dream. this is the Atkins diet alcohol and diabetes alcohol, low carbohydrates, low calorie and low sugar alcohol.

The caption below the second picture: A great addition to your favorite room.

Nothing says “Raging alcoholic lives here” quite like a $3,000 alcohol vaporizer appliance resting next to the La-Z-Boy.

What you had to say:
July 15 2004

wow, i kept waiting for the punch never came!
I love how it looks like his Mom is modeling the contraption.

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