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Thursday · July 15 2004

Recent lists at McSweeney's:

What you had to say:
July 15 2004

Hurray, first time all week I've had time to check out this site!

Hrm... one could argue that adding the word "anal" to anything is going to make a title predisposed to sounding porn-like. Although, I do drive a legacy. Tee hee.

July 15 2004

I can't believe they forgot Expedition. And Explorer. And Samurai. Seems like SUVs are good territory. I drive a Prizm . . . that just sounds weird, not pornographic.

July 15 2004

I'm nearly in tears laughing trying to imagine the opening sequence of "Anal Samurai".

July 15 2004

My god, we're sitting on a gold mine!

July 15 2004

Er.. probably a bad choice of words there.

July 16 2004

That anal + SUV name game was circulating at my sister's office a few months back. We've gotten a lot of, er, mileage out of it.

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