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Thursday · July 15 2004

10 things to watch in the second half of baseball
I concur with most of the predictions save three: The D-Backs will trade Randy Johnson; Houston will not rebound and make the playoffs; The Yankees will not win the World Series.

What you had to say:
July 15 2004

No Nomar for the Cubs? I hope Houston stays in it enough that they don't trade Beltran (not too in it, of course). I hope the Red Sox make it to the playoffs.

July 15 2004

I haven't read enough about the Nomar deal involving the Cubs/D-Backs/BoSox to know if it's going to happen. I've heard it mentioned on the radio.

I'd like to see the Cubs get Orlando Cabrera from the Expos instead. He has less of a history with injuries and clubhouse discontentment. Cabrera has speed and power and may be easier to sign to a longer deal. Cabrera is underperforming this year and might have too much pressure to be "the guy" in Montreal now that Vladimir Guerrero is gone. With Sosa, Ramirez, et al hitting behind him, Cabrera could do very well.

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