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Tuesday · July 13 2004

New release happiness this Tuesday:

Regarding Old Enough to Know Better:

Old Enough To Know Better is a monster of a 3-disc set: the first two discs will be comprised of “Merge Classics” from the first fifteen fabulous years, and the third disc will contain all rare and previously unreleased tracks, many recorded specifically for this compilation, from the likes of Spoon, Superchunk, M. Ward, Destroyer, Spent, Lambchop, Radar Brothers, Richard Buckner, Ladybug Transistor and many, many more - plus a previously unearthed gem by Angels Of Epistemology! All wrapped up in some fantastic David Horvath artwork you gotta see with liner notes from rock critic/historian/argument resolution expert Ronald Thomas Clontle. ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of Old Enough To Know Better will go to benefit the Future Of Music Coalition.

For $13 that's a no-brainer.

I've been anticipating the new Poly Spree release for a couple months. I'm hoping it's not a letdown. If you missed their promo Flash game, Quest for the Rest, the first time round, take a look. (Hint: click the cactus buds.)

I haven't heard all of the new Fiery Furnaces record yet, but I love what I have heard. And largeheartedboy claims it's his favorite this year. That's generally a good sign.

And an old release: The first show ever by The Smashing Pumpkins at Metro in 1988. If it weren't for Billy's voice, you'd be hard pressed to identify this as the Pumpkins. (based on the 2 tracks I listened to)

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