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Tuesday · July 13 2004

New on the endangered species list: the bookworm
The great electrical blowout of 2 weeks ago drew a line between want and need. I replaced our phone and Internet router within a couple days. The TVs are still sitting dead in their shells. I like it better this way. When I want to watch the television, I go to the living room and watch it. I'm not surrounded by a humming tube in every room. I don't need that convenience. When I fall asleep at night, I'll more likely read or talk to Stace instead of dozing off to Sportscenter.

I'm happy freak wiring broke my toys. It's hard to toss a working TV even when you want to.

via rebecca blood — my favorite weblog that doesn't tell personal stories or point me to great music. Thought provoking links from a smart writer.

What you had to say:
July 13 2004

I have always been a reader (not necessarily literary books). There is rarely a time I am not reading something. I could definitely see the amount of reading happening in America in a decline. There is so much information available in so many different formats. What you get out of reading is no longer limited to books: online magazines and blogs, educational shows on TV, etc. They are not necessarily the same thing, but I learn a lot from other sources as well as books. Perhaps people are expanding their information and imaginative sources.

I don't really see this change personally (not to dispute that it isn't happening). There do seem to be a lot of people who frequent the popular book stores and participate in book clubs. In Evanston, the book stores are crowded at all times. Most of my friends and family are also avid readers. Anyway, the article was very interesting - thanks for the link!

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