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Monday · July 12 2004

I'm ready for my weekend now. Er, it just ended. That wasn't much of a rest. Next Saturday, I'm gonna park my ass on a Montrose beach lounge chair with the SPF 30, my book, and a radio.

Friday, we saw Harvey's splendiferously funny and 2 miles past the line of bad taste production of Showgirls and abused our back stage passes afterwards. I almost sold mine to the kid behind me for $50, but then pulled it off the table. It's not often I get to party with sock puppet rock stars. What I found is sock puppet rock stars don't get alot of back stage action. They mostly clean up french fries, take down the lights and stage, and Scotchguard their socks. Looking back, the $50 woulda been alright.

I organized Jay's bachelor golf and sausage party for Saturday. We played Satan's game for 4 and a half hours. I'm not playing much golf this summer, so I crammed a whole season's worth of profanity and club throwing into those 18 holes. I have 119 new reasons why I hate golf. I don't hate golf, I'm just bitter because it's taken me 18 years to become this bad at it. When 75 old men in plaid pants and green jackets gave me a caddy scholarship to attend a stupidly expensive school for 4 years, I should have seen that as the best gift golf could ever give me and walked away with the check.

We followed golf with sausage at the Chicago Brauhaus. Plenty of oompah-kitsch atmosphere, but the Germans charge a high price for it. Now I can say I've been, but I don't need to go back. Like Brylcreem, a little dab will do ya. Good times for Jay, though. He wanted to stumble home to his fiancee full of steins of Spaten, and he got that.

Yesterday, Chase Park hosted the much anticipated Kegz' Softball Game II. The score was lopsided, the fields were soaked, the air was humid, but turnout and humor were good. I ran around the bases just enough to make me walk funny today. Stacy snapped some pictures, but I don't have them to post right now. If she wasn't busy rubbing the 16 inch welt on her shin, she might've taken a few more.

The Cubs and Sox both won yesterday which I think is a first for the month of July. With renewed momentum and fire, they'll sit down for three days rest over the All-Star break. I'm going to take a break too. My All-Starring sock puppeting, golfing, sauerbraten eating, softballing week(end) is over.

What you had to say:
July 12 2004

Whew! (that's for you)

Softball was super fun! Thanks again for organizing it. I think the Dynamo's definitely had some fielding issues. That was my 1st time ever playing- I was mainly concerned about hitting the ball. But now I see that CATCHING the ball is just as, if not more, important. That will be my goal for next time!

July 12 2004

Stef, you hit great for your first time. Fielding is definitely more important when you're playing a game at our skill level. Routine grounders become runs quickly.

I won't be around enough to have #3 before late August, so I'll shoot for then.

July 12 2004

Indeed good times were had. Thank Allah no one took it too seriously. It is, after all, just a game. Sorry to hear about your lady getting injured. If it's any consolation, Sasha & I both wound up with a couple battle scars and we're both moving a little slower today. We should recover just in time for next year's game.

July 12 2004

My body called and wants to know what the hell I did to it yesterday?!?!

Seriously, fun - and Stef, I hear you re: fielding. Who knew? (I know I had you all fooled - I was actually on the varsity softball team in college, can't you tell?)

July 12 2004

I am definitely sore and have a few lumps that were not there on the beginning of Sunday. But it was worth it!

July 13 2004

I'm jealous. Maybe I can fly out for round 3 of softball.

I've had the chance to play golf a few times this summer, and I think I'm firmly in the mid-90's for now. If my drives are off, then my chipping has made up for it. It's my 2nd shots and putting that now need the most help. I hope to shoot an 89 at a legitimate course by the end of summer.
The city courses here are well-maintained and fairly cheap. I walked on a course on Sunday at 6pm, and finished 18 holes by the time it got dark at 8:45. The views were spectacular: sunset over the rockies...pinks, oranges and purples. We had alot of rain in June, so the courses are still in great condition - actually green and somewhat lush. I had to sneak around the course a bit to get 18 holes in: played 10-16, 15, 8, 2-7, 5, 17, 18. I paid the $14 for the back 9, but caught up to traffic on 16, so I decided to make my own course. The ranger caught me on the green at 5 when he was going around to pick up all the flags: "did you get lost?"
"yeah, I did. I'm going back over to 17 to finish it up..."
"okay, watch out for the sprinklers".
I got wet, but parred 17, and birdied 18.

July 13 2004

Hey, I'm jealous you learned how to play golf 4 times faster than I did. It's not like I don't want to be good, I'm just programmed to suck. I drive pretty well; I can play around the green so-so, but put me 150 yards away with a 7 iron and I'm liable to kill a woman in a cart 2 fairways over. All in my head.

I can picture you telling the ranger you got lost. Made me laugh. That's where you have more tact than I do. I would have gotten all defensive and snapped, "What makes you think that? I'm not lost."

Damn golf starters and rangers.

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