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Friday · July 09 2004

This is a reminder to go see our good friend, Harvey Finklestein, and his troupe perform Sock Puppet Showgirls at the Theatre Building on Belmont sometime this month, preferably tonight, since we're going. If you go sometime next month, that's too late.

Last weekend's July 4th opening was a huge success. Harvey bought a new BMW with the take. (Black, very nice) Sock Puppet Showgirls sold more tickets at the Theatre Building than Fahrenheit 9/11. F 9/11 wasn't playing at the Theatre Building, but that doesn't erase the fact that he kept reading My Pet Goat for 7 MINUTES!

The trailer has shots of naked socks, so be careful if that's going to get you in trouble at work.

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July 09 2004

Oh my god! The other day I was sitting at home bored and looking for something good to watch and while channel-surfing I came across Showgirls (playing on of all channels - Sundance - which usually shows art-house fare). Even though I've seen it at least a half-dozen times, I was still drawn into the film. Along with Valley of the Dolls and almost any later Joan Crawford movie (e.g. Stait-Jacket, Berzerk!), Showgirls is a must-see camp classic! Can't wait to see the show, especially how the sock puppets handle the ninja shit-kicking scene!

BTW, as you may or may not know, the Deluxe VIP Limited Edition Showgirls DVD is due out July 27th. Amazon link:

Enjoy the show!

July 09 2004

J- when r u comin? ;)

July 09 2004

"preferably tonight, since we’re going"

See you then, Stef.

July 09 2004

arg! i am a doofus. let's hang after you chek my puppet artistry. (don't forget to watch the movie 1st! It increases enjoyment 50%! don't forget to have a drink or 2 1st! It increases enjoyment 70%)

July 09 2004

I haven't seen the movie, but I read the book, so I should be okay. I'll make sure to have a couple cocktails to increase staying power and stamina. I mean enjoyment.

July 09 2004

There's a book????

July 09 2004

Unless I'm telling you to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, listen to The Mountain Goats, see Fog of War, or wear comfortable shoes, I might be kidding around.

July 09 2004

I am excited to see the show! Maybe we should rent it quick...

July 12 2004

Thanks Jason for the reminder, otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen the show on Saturday night. I had heard about it 2 years ago from a friend who saw it and loved it (he said at the time it was playing at some bar - not as nice as the Theater Bldg.). Anyway, a good time was had by me and my partner on our anniversary. The program was right - those puppets swore like truck drivers!

I'm glad I didn't see the people behind the stage. I think it would have spoiled the illusion, WHORE!!! --- :0

July 26 2004

Those who liked the sock puppets will love this: there's going to be a FREE Interactive Screening of Showgirls this Tuesday, July 27th, 7:30 p.m. at the Landmark Century City Cinema to coincide with the release of the VIP edition DVD. They're encouraging people to come dressed as their favorite character and get ready to throw various props.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, anyone?

Info at:,1419,M-Metromix-Events-X!EventDetail-133312,00.html

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