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Wednesday · July 07 2004

Bloglines upgrades for their 1st birthday
The new look in the reading pane is chrome-heavy (too many lines and color shades), but automatic sorting within folders is a big hit. I don't make my bed or pair socks together, but my feeds must be sorted A-Z or I have anxiety attacks. (kidding…sorta).

In-place navigation for editing and adding feeds is nice and the search bar is located more prominently in the upper right. If you're looking for the one touch subscribe box like I was, it's hidden in the search dropdown.

The Bloglines team is very excited about their new Clip Blog feature:

  • The easiest way to create a blog
  • Fully integrated with all your Bloglines news feeds
  • One-click blogging from any Web page
  • Subscribe to friends' Clip Blogs and get notified of updates
  • Simply click on the 'My Blog' tab to set up your Bloglines Clip Blog
  • Best of all, your Clip Blog is completely free — just like the rest of Bloglines!

The Clip Blog is perfect for a Bloglines user who doesn't already have a place to save and share items they've read. It fits in somewhere between a community bookmark aggregator like and a full featured, free blogging system like Blogger. It's neither one nor the other, but has elements of both. The integration with the rest of Bloglines and ease of use are the reasons you would use the Clip Blog, however I didn't find any way to consume or subscribe to the Clip Blog feed elsewhere, which is a drawback. (Just because I didn't figure this out, doesn't mean it's not there.)

Bloglines is my favorite tool online. It's still free and the team behind it is committed to improving the product and responding to user feedback. It doesn't get any better.

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July 07 2004

Yeah, it's a great free utility. I've been using it as my news reader -- 38 feeds so wonder I never get the housework done!

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