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Tuesday · July 06 2004

In July 1991, we still had graduation parties on the calendar. We could speed toward Gilson Park at 5am on a Tuesday morning because the sun may be there and the only thing to do tomorrow was play poker and hump around a golf bag for 4 hours and 30 dollars. We didn't have to skip classes with phony notes written by mom, sympathetic to the cause since nobody ever let her get away with a thing. “Right Here, Right Now” played on the tape deck because we liked that song; we all did. You know “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand? It'll be like that in July, 13 years forward, and you'll be happy you liked that song; because we all did.

You knew who your friend was because he'd never say: Oh yeah, I like that guy, Jesus Jones Franz Ferdinand.

What you had to say:
July 06 2004

that song right here right now reminds me of the marlins swim team...i was like 10 or 11 i think and the older 18 year olds jenna zientarski and i had crushes on would play that song on their boom box...we thought we were so cool because we knew that song from our brothers!!

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