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Tuesday · July 06 2004

I'm caught 2/3 of the way between writing something and beginning to look downhill at the work I've been fumbling over. My coffee is almost warm enough to drink.

We watched In America last night. I love movies that transport me to another place or perspective with genuine wonder. I can't be sure, but I think it was the best movie I didn't see last year.

Critics are fawning over Before Sunset. I plan to see it asap.

Despite the joy of watching the Cubs send the Sox home empty handed 3 in a row, this was not a good baseball weekend. We went to two games: the rain-shortened Cubs-Sox on Saturday and the whiff-fest in Milwaukee yesterday. Cubs won 4-2 on Saturday but it took 4 hours of rain watered beer and sitting in a puddle to see it. That wasn't bad. The Cub-Brewer game yesterday was a debacle. Stace and I rode a bus with Mom, Eugene, and the 43 most obnoxious people to ever attend St. Pat's High School or marry a guy who did. Raw food, getting threatened to have your ass beat if you don't move to another seat, 17 Cub strikeouts in a 1-0 loss, and riding on the bus behind drunk girl on a cellphone who needs to pee, have a smoke, and “eat some fucking tacos pronto” is not quality baseball.

Stace spent three days away from work: occasion for a holiday unto itself. She has been stressed out and ragged the last few weeks, so we started off the weekend properly with a Frankenstein's Monster banana split on the patio at Zephyr's.

We have phone and Internet and electrical power again, so you don't have to leave pebbles outside our cave to contact us. The new phone we bought is shit, and of all the fried toys we lost last week, I only miss the phone. The Toshiba handset was comfortable, static-free, and held a charge. If you have a cordless/answering machine combo that doesn't suck, tell me what brand and model you have.

Coffee is gone. Time to work.

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