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Monday · June 28 2004

I know I said I was done, but I lied.

Michael Bazeley wrote a piece on the Plain Layne saga for the San Jose Mercury News yesterday. Bazeley had a phone interview with the author, Odin Soli, and quotes several of the main players in this aftermath. I like the subline: Saga rivals TV soap operas for intrigue.

I buy most everything Soli says except:

“I still have a difficult time seeing the suspension of belief that was required' for people to think Layne was real,” Soli said.

That's a nice way of saying, “My readers were gullible stooges.” Whatever you or I think of Mr. Soli's prose and ability to act the character he created, his handling of this two-week long epilogue bears all the marks of his alter ego Layne Johnson's socially awkward and self-centered style.

Mitch Berg's long and well thought out post concludes thus:

Best of wishes to Odin, and to all of you that've followed the saga from the beginning. There's a few lessons to be learned here, and “trust nobody online” is only the easiest of them.


reference: Plain Layne

What you had to say:
June 28 2004

hmmmmm. what a roller-coaster! I can't help but agree with one of mitch's commentors (i can't remember who or how they phrased it). But once you start trading emails with someone (or get invited to their wedding!) it does seem like you are taking the fiction to another level, and Odin hasn't really explained why he did that satisfactorily yet.
Have you ever "met" someone online? You've met other bloggers right?

June 29 2004

geezum crow! It's sort of baffling that he refuses to take any personal responsibility about why people feel hurt. I don't think people should be threatening his family of course, but it is very insensitive. Rex really tries to pin him on it and he just refuses to deal with it.

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