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Monday · June 28 2004

Stacy called this morning as I was zooming through the iPass lane. I have the dexterity to guide the car through the gate with one hand on a rain-soaked highway and reach into my pocket with the other to answer the cell phone while unbuckling the seat belt and leaning to one side to clear room to pull the phone out of my jeans. I'm a practiced asshole on the road, yet defensive and cautious.

We have an unknown electrical problem. Her hair dryer caused a light to pop and a burning smell when she turned other appliances on. The hall light stayed on when she flipped the switch. The stove clock started blinking and I heard a sinking “wooooop” from her end.

“Hon, I feel like I'm in the twilight zone here.”

“No problem. Unplug everything for now. I know exactly what to do; my dad is an electrician. I'll call him.”

What you had to say:
June 28 2004

I'd call him pronto buddy. I can't even fathom the problem that would cause lights to stay on and burning smells are never good.

June 28 2004

I talked to him about an hour ago. He said we're probably safe; most likely a power surge. He did agree the light staying on was weird. Stace unplugged everything and I'm going to call him when I get home to go over everything and see what's up.

June 28 2004

It was very strange. If you turned on the hall light, power would come on for the front of the house (but too strong I think). Otherwise, the power was off. I unplugged everything anyway. What a super-charged way to start the week.

June 28 2004

I just realized that's it's an IPass lane, not an iPass lane. Must be my obsession with the iPod as my own surrogate technology newborn child.

June 29 2004

Can't have Illinois abbreviated with a lowercase I--it'd be unpatriotic.

June 29 2004

Hey, I like this personal writing stuff. Do more!

June 29 2004

Thanks, Mojan. I did another today.

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