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Wednesday · June 23 2004

Poker: Almost as exciting as pro golf
Dave Barry has that same glazed eye, mouth agape expression I see on my friends when I bring up poker. I tried to explain the basics at the last bookclub because we were discussing Positively 5th Street, but, based on the reaction, I must have been showing off my pocket lint collection. Maybe you have to play for a few dollars in order to get the appeal or maybe I'm just not much of an explainer.

What you had to say:
June 23 2004

i really want to try my hand at poker again. as i've said, it's been a while since i played in college, and i'm very hands on when it comes to learning a new game (texas hold'em). so, i wouldn't say pocket lint collection- that i could've followed, more like you were speaking cantonese.

June 23 2004

Sign me up, please. Ooh!

June 23 2004

Not until I get another invite to the improv game, Mr. Finn.

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