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Wednesday · June 23 2004

Stace and I have 3 weddings to attend in a span of 4 weeks later this summer. First is Jay and Jill in Chicago, then Stace's brother, Brad, in Seattle, and finally, her cousin, Wendy, in Georgia. With a number of weekends spoken for, vacation was looking like a non-event, so we're extending the Seattle trip and splitting 9 days between there and Portland, Oregon. Fly to Portland, stay for 3 days, rent a car and drive to Seattle for the wedding.

Tony and Shafiq, two close college friends, both live in Portland and this will be my first trip out to visit. The last (and only) time Stacy and I were in Seattle, we looped down to northern Oregon and drove back up the Olympic Penninsula before returning to Brad's place in Kirkland, WA. We saw Mt. St. Helens, the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, the blinding Sunset Drive out to the Oregon coast, and the unforgettable Ruby Beach in Olympia National Park.

We fell in love with Portland, Mt. Hood, and the Columbia River at first sight, but didn't spend enough time to know if we would want to settle there one day. I know we both have this idealized vision of the city, so this trip will decide where we stand. Visiting two friends who can share their own experience and point out the details will give me a more realistic impression than we got wandering around wide-eyed at the mountains, bike paths, manageable city size, and green green green everywhere.

We leave July 31.

What you had to say:
June 23 2004

Portland is a fantastic city. Definitely one of my top places to live.

June 23 2004

Definitely pick up some details about Portland for me, too. I am considering it in my list of possible relo options.
I wonder if it's too small for a single gal as swingin' as I am?

June 23 2004

oooh, pick portland! pick portland!

you guys have to go to this beautiful gorge up in columbia river. you have to swim to reach the end of it. afterwards head to the mcmenamins compound for some fries with ranch and an outdoor movie. back in portland, go to tug boat for a beer, but skip doing your laundry at the bar/laundry that i went to. washed a weeks worth of clothes (camping around oregon)only to have them smell like detergent and smoke!

June 23 2004

So, if everyone is so high on Portland, why don't y'all live there?

June 23 2004

i'm there, as soon as i can get some friends to move there too ;)

June 24 2004

how thrilling! I hope it is still as appealing as you found it the first time....

June 27 2004

Check out the Kennedy School bar while you are there- it is a grade school turned bar complex with local art (in a good way, not a disco scene) Definately one of the most unique/cool bars anywhere

June 28 2004

Hi everyone! I bet Amy has some great Portland suggestions. I'm mailing her the site address.

June 28 2004

I definitely agree with the Kennedy School suggestion in Portland or any McMenamin's pub in the area. Have a great time visiting this summer. Let us know when you are in the area for more suggestions. Portland is a nice town, but Seattle is the best city in the Northwest! (I moved from Portland to Seattle 3 weeks ago)

June 28 2004

Amy Hetager is in Seattle?!?!
My goodness.
I'm DEFINITELY keeping it on my list of cities to consider.

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