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Wednesday · June 23 2004

The inevitable has been confirmed; Plain Layne Johnson was not a real person. Mitch (the guy who was 99% sure he knew who the ghost author was) hasn't given up the details yet, but he had a 4 hour phone conversation with the author, and the true identity of Plain Layne is bubbling to the surface.

I want the whole story. I want the tell-all book version. Hell, I want to see the movie. Twice.

Make sure to read the comments starting with Jimmo's post.

What you had to say:
June 24 2004

twice! i can't stop my giggles...

so glad there is finally something new on the front. have you deleted the site from your bloglines yet? it was getting pretty stale on 'strip mining'- ugh. hate to say it- never knew josh could bore me so much. i was just starting to run out of patience.

June 24 2004

No. If I'd deleted the feed, I wouldn't have found the unmasking of Odin Soli as it broke.

The thread at Joshua's dried up several days ago. Were you still looking there for updates?

June 24 2004

I thought you were thru with this! I've been so crazy I haven't been able to check on it meself.
Can't view pics at work of course :(
OOoooo. I am dying for the tell all!
Thank goodness I wasn't reading her long enough to get as emotionally involved as some people. Although I can certainly understand being upset if one had set up some sort of email correspondence/relationship with a fake person. But isn't that always a chance you take online?

June 24 2004

Yeah, I was through with obsessing about it because I figured the story was over. I'm glad we got to find out who it was for 100% certain. I think the whole story would make a great magazine feature complete with all the cross-references -- only if Odin is up for that, of course. Now that he's been out-ed, I think people should lay off unless he has something else to say.

June 24 2004

I don't know if you've gone back today, but peeps is getting pretty funny on that thread! AND chek dis:
in the israeli news!

June 24 2004

Yeah I kept checking back. I wanted to see if anyone thought my anagram theory was just a coincidence or not. Odin Soli rearranged = Sidolino = Sedalina. Sedalina was the name Layne used for several months last year to feign anonyminity.

I don't read Hebrew. I'd like to know how foreign news spun this crazy story.

June 24 2004

did you see this?

>>>>Rearrange the letters in Odin Soli, you get Sidolino

Bingo! And for the silver bullet, we turn to a favorite Layne theme:

Rearrange the letters in "dildo in ass"
and we get "Oddin Ssali"!

Coincidence? I think not!

Yosef Trumpeldor

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