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Tuesday · June 22 2004

Roundup of A Ghost is Born reviews and interviews at Chicagomuzik
If you haven't already downloaded, streamed, or been passed a copy of Wilco's new record, you probably don't care much that the official release is today. If you have, you don't have much use for these reviews.

Without comparing musical styles or influence, I now think of Wilco in the land of “safe-taste” that U2 once tread. The appeal is widespread, they offend no one, and, best of all, the fan base are mostly free of negative connotation despite the near religous fervor of some. It's not like Dave Matthews Band, where you try to slink away when someone starts on about their amazing 3 hour set at the Tweeter Center. (You think, “Really? I missed that?”)

Wilco is for everyone. You can throw em into any list of bands when asked who you like and they fit right in. Try it. Nobody will flinch.

Enjoy the record.

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June 23 2004

the new rolling stone has an awesome interview with jeff that is really worth reading. (j, i'm doing my cluster posts again!!)

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