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Tuesday · June 22 2004

Liz Phair in Stuff
The latest sellout move is newsworthy only because Liz's corset looks like a sheet of corrugated tin got wrapped around her torso.

Archived: Listen » June 2004
What you had to say:
June 22 2004

oh liz, liz, liz. please tell me playboy & hustler aren't next on the list to make yourself more mainstream. 36 is too young for this kind of mid-life crisis!

June 22 2004

Also, it's newsworthy because she looks redonkulously hot. At least, for Liz Phair.

June 23 2004

I'll take any of the old pics from Stratford-on-Guy where she's cute indie girl with a guitar over this airbrushed fluff. (Except the yearbook picture -- eek,the hair.)

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