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Friday · June 18 2004

Roger Ebert writes about Farenheit 9/11
I'm not going to clip any quotes. Just read.

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What you had to say:
June 19 2004

Wow. Just further proof to me that this presidential election may be the most apocalyptic and divisive of our lives. I've been reading Ebert with some respect ever since I was old enough to go to R rated movies without parental supervision (1978... please stop laughing) and I certainly don't remember him ever making a such a strong political statement before in print.

I agree with Michael Moore too, of course, and I agree even more with Jonathan Rosenbaum's political diatribe in the Reader this week at the end of his review of "Bitter Victory" ( Also can't help noticing that in a national poll taken a week ago, 50% of Americans say Bush is doing an "excellent" or "pretty good" job.

It's Americans are living one either side of high fence. We can't see each other well enough to understand what the other side is like.

June 21 2004

There were several articles on the film in the Sunday Trib. Apparently, Moore has an entire "fact-checking team" that scoured the film before release for inaccuracies. In addition, he has a counter-offensive in place to look up discrediting information on any person who tries to disprove information stated in the film.
Should be interesting! I am DYING to see it!

June 21 2004

"In addition, he has a counter-offensive in place to look up discrediting information on any person who tries to disprove information stated in the film."

I thought you were making a satirical comment about Bush/Ashcroft tactics, but I looked up the article you were referring to...,1,6133790.story

It's not quite a counter-offensive to discredit people who are trying to disprove information, but more a readiness to bring lawsuits against those who make irresponsible libelous charges against him or his film.

I would hope Michael Moore would not be opposed to further truth finding even if it runs in the face of his research.

June 21 2004

right on. I guess i should have re-phrased that statement.

June 21 2004

Michael Moore's legal team has me asked to notify both of you that you are on the verge of making legally action-able libelous statements. They would prefer that you write only positive, happy things about his film for the foreseeable future.

June 21 2004

Me? I'm an insignificant speck compared to this guy...

June 22 2004

I hit the link he stuck in there to Ray Bradbury's complaint that Moore stole his title. Bradbury is very adamant in his appraisal of Moore as a big ass. But he's also adamant that this appraisal has nothing to do with Moore's politics, allowing the possibility that Bradbury agrees with Moore's politics, but still thinks he's an ass.

I'm on the verge of complete agreement. But I'm still going to f911 on opening night.

July 09 2004

Posted by: Finally_The_Truth

I loved this movie....

Some of the movie was Moore’s opinions, but for the most part I think he let the film speak for itself. I also found it to be very patriotic. I don't think Moore is un-American. I think that anyone who says that is stereotyping who Americans are. Race, religion, family values and the fact that we are all individuals, unique and timeless makes us who we are today. Since when did Americans start thinking that this is exactly who "we are" and what "we stand for". If that were the case then we wouldn't need an election. We would all share the same views, Therefore being the "All-American people" that we are, we would vote the same way.

I think for once the public got to witness another side of a so far one sided story. There is not one fact in that movie that I can find to be false. I've been sitting in front of my TV. Screen (here and there) for the past 4 years looking on in disgust. I was thrilled that finally someone had enough guts to say and answer most of my "what abouts?"


Moore’s movie or not I agreed with his opinions long before he stated them.
I hate the fact that bush is dishonest, unapologetic, war happy, and he's a "Christian?" Please! It makes me sick.

Through this entire war I have been more concerned about Iraq and their families. This war did not have the information it needed to go any further then paper work.

This is coming from a Canadian who is damn proud of her country for not getting involved in such an indecent act of human history that will not be forgotten.

kim age:20 b.c. canada

July 09 2004

Forgotten Wisdom

Must you see in color?
blinded by your creed
In my image I created man
Life I gave to thee

You shout my name at night
Curse my people in your days
I'm the painter of such colors
Your ignorance I save

Your borders mark my land
Separating brotherhood
I mend the scars of yesterday’s wars
Too love; I wish you would

A little bit of wisdom
The country of your birth
Is not a man made dream
It’s a little place called earth

I am the alpha; the omega
Take heed in what you do
For after life is paradise
All this I give to you

Hate is not the answer
Love is best when it is shown
This is a small reminder
Of what you’ve always known

July 09 2004


Connection to Ebert and 9/11? I think I'm missing something.

July 11 2004

Kegz! She likes your site so much she sent you a nice poem about Bush and the evil fuckers like him who claim to be guided by a loving god as they kill foreign children by the hut-ful.

And she's Canadian! You gotta work on your skills as an ambassador, man.

July 11 2004

Reminded me of Carl Sandburg's "To a Contemporary Bunkshooter":

You come along...tearing your shirt...yelling about Jesus.

Where do you get that stuff?

What do you know about Jesus?

Jesus had a way of talking soft and outside of a few bankers and higher-ups among the con men of Jerusalem everybody liked to have this Jesus around because he never made any fake passes and everything he said went and he helped the sick and gave the people hope.

You come along squirting words at us, shaking your fist and calling us all dam fools so fierce the froth slobbers over your lips always blabbing we're all going to hell straight off and you know all about it.

(that's the beginning, and here's a couple more verses near the end)

You tell poor people they don't need any more money on pay day and even if it's fierce to be out of a job, Jesus'll fix that up all right, all right - all they gotta do is take Jesus the way you say.

I'm telling you Jesus wouldn't stand for the stuff you're handing out. Jesus played it different. The bankers and lawyers of Jerusalem got their sluggers and murderers to go after Jesus just because Jesus wouldn't play their game. He didn't sit in with the big thieves.

I don't want a lot of gab from a bunkshooter in my religion.

I won't take my religion from any man who never works except with his mouth and never cherishes any memory except of the face of the woman on the American silver dollar.

July 12 2004

Sorry, guys. I was never much good at understanding poetry.

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