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Thursday · June 17 2004

The two audio anecdotes at the C2 site (reload for the 2nd) hypnotized me into walking to the market and grabbing a 20oz. bottle. I'm impressed. Tastes almost exactly like Coke Classic.

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June 17 2004

Still not totally clear on this one. Why the need for C2? Is it supposed to be halfway between regular Coke and Diet? Half the carbs and half the sugar??? Doesn't diet Coke have no carbs and no sugar? Are we really this spoiled as a society that we need 3 different "levels" of nutrition for one soft drink?

The Atkins diet is going to be the Thighmaster of the new millenium...probably effective, but a really dumb way to lose weight.

June 18 2004

It tastes the same and has less sugar. I don't see what's so difficult about that? Yes, Diet Coke has none, but it tastes like Diet.

We're spoiled enough that we have 4 different levels of nutrition for cow's milk (skim, 1%, 2%, whole), 3 grades of gasoline, 43 different SUV models, and no-fat/reduced-fat versions of nearly everything. Why not Coke?

If you drink Coke Classic and I gave you a product that tasted almost identical, but had less sugar, you wouldn't drink it? I'm not trying to be a shill for C2, but targeted advertising and product development is nothing new.

"Why the need?" Because people will buy it.

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