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Wednesday · June 16 2004

Artists of the Wall Festival
The Rogers Park neighborhood will hold a festival this weekend to gather and paint more than 100 beachfront murals. This might be one of the few summer street fests where you can avoid the cover bands, cheap sunglasses vendors, and getting your picture taken with “The Wave Guy”. I can't guarantee any of that, but this one looks to be organized somewhat differently.

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What you had to say:
June 16 2004

crap. Maybe a little late to get in on this one... Sounds really cool though!

June 16 2004

I wish I'd told you about it sooner, Alexis. I read about it a month ago, but forgot to post it until today.

June 16 2004

how ironic, given we were just talking about the general uniformity of Chicago street fests.

June 16 2004

it's not a chicago street fest unless the wave guy is there. did you lose your marbles?

June 17 2004

will ronnie woo woo be there?

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