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Tuesday · June 15 2004

I tried putting the songs in some meaningful order, but that didn't work. The last 2 should end it on a happy note and that's good enough for now.

Indie Rock And Roll - The Killers
Daughter In The House Of Fools - Enon
Thinking Of A Dream I Had - The Walkmen
Float On - Modest Mouse
Falling For You - Weezer
Fieldtrip USA - Moonbabies
Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand
Deep Red Bells - Neko Case
Portland Oregon duet with Jack White - Loretta Lynn
Could Well Be In - The Streets
Miracle Drug - A.C. Newman
Palmcorder Yajna - The Mountain Goats
Swingin' Party - The Replacements
Sirena - Calexico
Grave's Disease - Matt Pond PA
Sneeze - Duenow
Handshake Drugs - Wilco
It's The Sun - Polyphonic Spree
This Little Light Of Mine - Corn Sisters

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What you had to say:
June 16 2004

I like them all! I LOVE: the killers, enon, modest mouse, mountain goats, corn sisters, neko case, and surprisingly, the loretta lynn duet. A great mix!

June 16 2004

Of the bands listed I'm only slightly familiar with Franz Ferdinand (mostly because of the hype they've gotten as the Next Big Thing - I bought their album too) and Weezer (only because of The Sweater Song and the infectious Buddy Holly). I've heard of The Replacements, Polyphonic Spree, Wilco and Loretta Lynn, although I'm not appreciably familiar with any of their music.

Where in the world do you (I mean anybody) hear about these bands? They certainly don't get any exposure from MTV or VH1 or any of the music radio stations that I listen to. Am I just out of the loop or what? ... Just curious... I feel nostalgic for the 90's ... Nirvana/Pearl Jam/U2/ Stone Temple Pilots, etc...

June 16 2004

In no particular order:
online mp3 blogs
KEXP (online radio station from seattle)

There's nothing on this list that I would consider obscure with the exception of Duenow (a local act I saw at the 30 bands in 60 minutes gig and liked) and maybe the Corn Sisters (a one-off live recording of Neko Case and Carolyn Mark).

Mostly it's just a matter of where you're paying attention (or if you're paying attention at all) that drives what bands you hear about.

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