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Monday · June 14 2004

Monday is back. I have to figure project estimates, create a graphing control, pay estimated taxes, and get invites out for a couple events. The weekend was as busy, but with the good stuff: Beulah, Franz Ferdinand, Harry Potter, a bike ride and lazy book reading on the lakefront, a Saturday afternoon nap, an unexpected, huge hug from my dad, frisbee, early Saturday morning volunteering with Stef, Alexis, et al, and finishing my June 04 mix CD.

All In no particular order. I think I slept too.

As great a weekend as I had, the hug stands out as the best part.

What you had to say:
June 14 2004

Hey Jay!
glad you had a great weekend? Could I get a copy of that mixed CD? you know how I love when you make those for me!
I wrote you on your gmail account
I need a hug like that :)

June 14 2004

I was planning on getting the mix out this week to you and a few others. The estimated tax payments to the IRS, unfortunately, take higher priority tonight.

June 15 2004

Hey how was Franz Ferdinand, and especially, how was the opening act, Sons and Daughters? I've been way into their new record lately and almost came all the way up for that show.

June 15 2004

Franz was good. The newspaper reviews raved about the show, but I wouldn't go that far. I can almost guarantee that the Kot/DeRogatis end of 2004 summaries will list "Franz Ferdinand at Metro" as one of the top 10 shows of the year.

The energy of the 2nd half stood out and they had a charming stage presence. Stacy probably enjoyed the show more than I did, but only because it's more her style of music than mine. The performance was about what I expected including their Euro-style of dress. What surprised me was the crowd.

I was thinking it would be a real scene with lots of "Look at me, I'm at the Franz Ferdinand show", but that wasn't it at all. I saw 2 dads there with kids around age 12 and the guys next to us were young 20s southern Republicans in button down shirts and khakis. I talked with them for a bit before the show because I overheard the one admonish his friend for not voting in the next election. "Dude, it's pointless to vote Republican in Illinois. Why should I bother? Besides, Bush has let me down and I'm not voting for Kerry, so to hell with it." We had a good conversation, because that's not a conversation I get to have everyday with people younger than me.

Sons and Daughters were fine. I didn't know any of their songs ahead of time and their type of music isn't particularly catchy or hook-driven. I think if knew their material better, I'd probably like them and would have enjoyed their set more. They weren't bad, but they didn't make a strong impression on a new listener either. What they did do is play a swift set, which is the most you can ask of an opening band with who you're not familiar.

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