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Friday · June 11 2004

The last softball game I hosted at Chase Park was a bit soggy, but a ton of fun. Popular demand called for another go.

I'm setting the date for Sunday, July 11. eVites and all that to follow.

What you had to say:
June 11 2004

Yay! We will mark it in our calendar. (unless we don't get invited. boo hoo!)

June 11 2004

Bummer! I will be out of town that weekend visiting friends. And the weekend after that, too. V. sad I'm going to miss it!

June 15 2004

Perfect. I couple of friends from L.A. are moving to Sunnyside & Hermitage this week. I'm bringin em!

June 17 2004

Good news, HB. I reserved the field today. Should be all set.

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