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Thursday · June 10 2004

10 Foods You Should Never Eat
A good rule of thumb is to avoid foods with exclamation points, NASCAR vehicles, or animated potatoes on the packaging.

via The Morning News

Archived: Eats » June 2004
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June 10 2004

Oh no, not Campbell's soup too. How can salt taste so good and yet be so bad? I read a paper that suggested we should actually only have around 1500 to 1600 mg of sodium a day, as opposed to the 2200 currently recommended.

June 11 2004

It seems to me like this article is based on an outdated health model. While I agree that keeping track of ones fat intake is a good idea for weight purposes, many of the items the author lambasts are cooked with tropical oils (palm, coconut) which new studies are proving may be better for us than previously thought. At least you know what you are getting with saturated fats. What's scary is all those poly-unsaturated fats that are in everything we eat (including many of the low-fat productes mentioned in the article no doubt) that are probably giving us cancer and god knows what else!

June 11 2004

You're probably right, Stef. However, I still think it's a good idea to stay away from foods with animated potatoes on the package.

June 11 2004

what about other animated characters? You seemed to like those natural cheetos well enough....

June 11 2004

But, see, the cheeto itself was not animated. There's a subtle difference between animated characters and animated food.

June 11 2004

Ahhh. yes totally. why can't i think of any other ones right now..?

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