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Wednesday · June 09 2004

Six Things You Don't Know About Colorado
I did know #2 and #4, and #1 isn't hard to figure if you're spending your weekend at Villa de Rotter. One other thing you may not know about Colorado: Bar and grills in the Lower Downtown area (LoDo) cannot obtain a liquor license without offering a minimum of 22 grilled chicken variations and pints of Fat Tire on their menu.

What you had to say:
June 10 2004

Good trivia fact about the liquor license. I just had a blackened buffalo chicken sandwich the other day. mmm mmm good.

I didn't know that west nile was so prevalent here, and didn't realize we get that many misquites. Maybe that's more in the wilderness/mountain area (I spend my colorado summers on the peaks of the rooftop bars and coors field. My hiking consists of the hill I have to climb when returning at 2am to my place from LoDo).

But I did start swimming to try to improve the fact that I'm out of breath all the time.

June 10 2004

I did not know about #5 and #3. Or about the wine. My brother and I did have competitions to see who received the most mosquito bites in a weekend. I always won.

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