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Wednesday · June 09 2004

Stace and I broke rank and joined Stef and John for the half-priced, Tueday night Sox-Phillies game. The Sox game we went to last year sucked — in a word. Last night was the opposite outcome: The seats were far better, the teams combined to score 25 runs (9 homeruns), the food vendors were snappy (but inexplicably give you just one beer at a time), and we didn't struggle with the insane parking lot.

Critics often compare Comiskey/U.S. Cellular to Baltimore's Camden Yards as examples of “how not to” and “how to” build a ballpark in the early 90s. We enjoyed Camden, but the comparison is unfair. The White Sox organization has worked hard to improve their park and the overall experience is as good or better than any of the newer parks I've been to. I'm glad we gave it another chance.

I haven't gone all Sox on you. I am plenty hungry to sweep them and the Cub-hating attitude out of Wrigley on the July 4th weekend.

What you had to say:
June 09 2004

Sorry I missed your call last night- my tickets were on the 5th level and we couldn't get down there to meet you. And for some reason I completely missed the phone call (really loud around us!).

I guess I got bad karma for it, since that night just as I was arriving home I realized I'd left my keys to the apt at the office, and the keys to the office at home. I had to break into my own apartment, which was depressingly easy, I must say.

June 09 2004

yeesh. I'm amazed we were able to persuade you to go back after that mess. Glad this time was more fun!

June 09 2004

You don't have to persuade too hard to get me to a ballgame.

John: You guys want to go to the Sox game on Tuesday night for half-price?
Me: Sure, let's do it.

Now, if you want me to go to another Blackhawks game. That's a different matter entirely.

June 09 2004

Alexis, sorry to hear about the mess with the keys etc.

We figured you probably didn't hear your phone or didn't have it with you.

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