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Tuesday · June 08 2004

I have 3 new Gmail account invitations to give away and now the Gmailswap site looks like it's down: that means no custom fairy tales written just for me.

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June 08 2004

Hey can i get one?

Thanks in Advance :)

My Email id:

June 08 2004

I would definitely write you a fairy tale in return for a Gmail invitation. You even get to choose between a good and a bad ending. How's that for service?

June 08 2004

sorry my email is

June 08 2004

Gmailswap is back up and running. I need help picking something out.

June 08 2004

oh, you gotta go with the bob hope pictures or god's phone number. honestly though, a night at a b&b in costa rica would be cool (if you were going to costa rica, that is).

June 09 2004

anything left...????? ';-)

June 09 2004

You could just sell the GMail accounts. According to PCWorld Magazine Online article "Gmail Hits the Auction Block" some people have auctioned off the accounts on Ebay for over $100 - not bad for a free e-mail account! One guy wants $200 for

Instead of lurking, I thought I'd post something when I actually had something relevant to add!

Relevant Links:
GMail article:
$200 Account:

June 09 2004

I've seen on ebay that people sell them, but I'd rather give them away to friends and family. So far, that hasn't been too hard.

I only post the Gmailswap thing, because I get a kick out of the offers people make.

June 09 2004

I wouldn't sell them either...considering that people will try to sell almost anything on ebay it's really not surprising that they'd try to make a buck off GMail when it will eventually be FREE.

RE: Gmailswap, did you notice the guy from Chicago offering "bodyguard services" around the city? Like people need protection if they want to go to the Art Institute or walk around in the Loop.

Are there any GMail accounts left?

June 09 2004

yeah i had a few invites to give out yesterday, i stumbled upon this dude's blogger blog who was trying to buy them off ebay ... i hooked him up. U might consider scouring blogs (hint: pubsub, gmail) looking for people begging, and hook'em up.

i still have a few friends i wanna help out, feel free to send stuff my way too :D frenchy at gmail dot com

June 11 2004

thanks to kelly for giving me one of hers! she didn't even ask me for a fairy tale!!!

June 12 2004

Yes. I'm a bastard like that.

June 15 2004

So, check this out. My Yahoo! account upgraded me to 2 gigs for free. And no more ads.

I really like the way gmail handles the threads of conversation. That's the only thing it's got over my Yahoo! account now. The other problem with gmail is no notification. I love being interrupted at work when I get new messages.....

June 15 2004

The notification isn't really an issue for me since I leave Firefox open all day (and it remembers all of my open windows when I start my PC each day). When there's something new, I can see "Gmail - Inbox [1]" in the taskbar. Firefox has tabbed browsing (and at least a dozen other reasons to use it), unlike the stinking piece of garbage software called Internet Explorer, where you have to have an instance of it open for every page you're browsing and keeping it open is unmanageable.

I'm a fan of Gmail, but a fundamentalist evangelical when it comes to using Firefox over IE. It's like comparing brownies to shit. They look the same, but that's about all.

June 15 2004

Hey, Tori. Looks like Yahoo! mail did some upgrades for everyone, but yours is alot bigger than mine. I now have 100MB up from 6MB. They also did a stylesheet change for all of the Yahoo personal tools (mail, addresses, calendar, notes).

No doubt they were scared to death of Gmail being widely released to the public. The extra space should stem the tide of Gmail defectors.

One major thing Yahoo mail has over Gmail is the ability to access it via wireless device (ie my cellphone). That has proven to be handy for me more than once when I didn't write down an address or phone #.

June 17 2004

hello guyzzz, names tina. i oh so desperately need a GMail account. im modeling some of my pics to some agencies and id love to have the space to send them my pics. if any of u cute guys out there can hook a blue-eyed blonde up, u will be rewarded ;)...a pic of myself maybe hehe
thx luv ya

June 29 2004

hello .. my name`s beni and i really need a gmail account .. i`m tired of yahoo spam & shit ..
please if you have one invitation left .. give it to me ..
thank you

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