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Tuesday · June 08 2004

Harvey's Sock Puppet Showgirls Returns
The only whimsical, fantastical, and marvelous institute of puppet masterage in the 48 contiguous states is returning with a New and Improved version of their 2002 hit, “Sock Puppet Showgirls”. Harvey Finkelstein is ready to offend you and make you give him your hard earned $10 for it. His players have been studying the film 20 hours a day confined to an island monastery in a tiny lake in a South Korean nature reserve. Every nuance of Elizabeth Berkley's performance will be brought to life in high-res, three-dimensional, eye-popping cotton.

“Sock Puppet Showgirls” will play 10 times during July, every Friday and Saturday at 10:30 pm. All shows will be at the Theatre Building Chicago on Belmont Ave west of Racine. Call 773-327-5252 to reserve tickets.

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What you had to say:
June 08 2004

oh my gosh- we should have you write our press material! thanks for the plug you!

June 08 2004

I've written copy for several competing puppet institutes in the past. So it's not like I'm green at this.

And you're welcome, of course!

June 08 2004

stef, i've been wanting to check out your show, and now with a write up like this, how can i resist!

June 09 2004

too right! Kelly- if you haven't had a chance to chek de Harvey website, we have a blog too! Only J is the only one who reads it besides us.....

June 09 2004

I am very excited for Showgirls!

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