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Monday · June 07 2004

The 50 Coolest Song Parts of All Time
aka The 50 Coolest Songs That You Like Because That One Part Melted Your Face When You Were 15 And Drunk On Bartles & Jaymes
aka The 50 Song Parts That Make That Speeding Ticket Worth It All Because You Had To Turn Up The Volume

Now here's a list I can sink my teeth into. This is like scraping the cream off 50 Oreo's and leaving the cookies in the bag. All the gooey hooks without the commitment and trans-fats. This list puts “Biz Markie” and “cool” on the same page.

My top 3 face-melting song parts from their 50:
Opening of "Voodoo Child" by Hendrix
Any part of "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
Prince's solo in "Let's Go Crazy"

Phil Collins' drum solo in “The Air Tonight”? #1? Only because it's cool despite the rest of the sleep-inducing song.

Why isn't Radiohead's abrasive guitar in “Creep” on this list?

Beavis: 'What… what's going on…? How come they don't just, like, play that cool part through the whole song?'

Butthead: 'Well, Beavis, if they didn't have, like, a part of the song that sucked, then, it's like, the other part wouldn't be as cool.'

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What you had to say:
June 08 2004

Dude! #13! My boys from down under.

June 08 2004

Midnight Oil and face melting cannot co-exist in the same sentence. Except for that sentence.

June 13 2004

NOW I can agree with your fairy-tale post that you are a bastard like that.
I stand by them.

June 27 2004

from pitchforkmedia
". . . Garrett's screech, Rob Hirst's drums, and Martin Rotsey's guitar create a sound akin to standing behind a Boeing 737 upon takeoff."

That would melt MY face.

© 2004 Jason Keglovitz