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Monday · June 07 2004

Death of Lincoln
Haper's 1865 account of Abraham Lincoln's murder and immediate aftermath

If I'm not mistaken, the author takes some delight in the manner of John Wilkes Booth's demise:

The ball, striking almost in the place where Lincoln had been struck, passed downward, and, instead of piercing the brain, shattered the spinal column, paralyzing all the nerves of motion, but leaving untouched those of sensation. The assassin lived for four hours, body and limbs paralyzed, yet suffering intensely. After his death the corpse was brought to Washington, fully identified, and then disposed of—how and where no one knows except two persons who had it in charge.

Other editorial flourishes such as “He rode some thirty miles into a part of Maryland where the inhabitants are notoriously disloyal.” reveal much about the division the nation was amid. I'm sure an 1865 Southern Democrat reading this account would laugh and curse at the partisan Yankee lies.

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June 07 2004

Very interesting find. I wonder if we could make a career out of blogging about Lincoln...

June 07 2004

I don't know how the historical bloggging gig pays, but I'm thinking I'd have to adjust my lifestyle if I made a career out of it.

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