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Thursday · June 03 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer
Michael Moore's new film will open June 25. We will see it; we will laugh, get angry while laughing, nod our heads, and quote lines to friends who have seen it too. Moore will make lots of money for being a skilled propagandist. But it will all be worth it if Bush has to move out of The White House next January.

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June 26 2004

Here's some useful info about the anti-Fahrenheit 9/11 campaign group 'Move America Forward' (MAF). The one that's been pressurising movie theaters not to show the film. Turns out, it's nothing more than a front for a GOP-linked public relations firm, Russo Marsh and Rogers. Yet for some inexplicable reason, the fact that RM+R set up MAF is not mentioned anywhere on the MAF website...

Furthermore, this firm made 2.5 million dollars from GOP politicians in 2001/2002. And nothing from Democrat politicians. What a surprise.


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