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Tuesday · June 01 2004

Follow along with Lewis and Clark

This weblog explores the historical context of the Lewis and Clark expedition, which left St. Louis on May 14, 1804 and returned on September 23, 1806. For each corresponding day during 2004-06, the weblog will summarize the expedition’s activities and describe something else that was happening in American history on that day.

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June 01 2004

reminds me of Kelly (Mandy's husband)- and his adventure. Although this was an account of the real thing- brough that to mind

June 01 2004

I was thinking of that as well. Stacy's cousin's husband, Kelly, biked the Lewis and Clark trail with two of his friends. They linked via the Internet back to the elementary school in Steamboat Springs, CO and stopped in schools along the way for the students to share. We saw the pics when we visited in March -- amazing trip.

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