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Friday · May 28 2004

Stace, Kelly, and I saw 30 Bands in 60 Minutes last night. Quick review from memory; I took no notes…

  • Big Smith - your basic lesbian drumming circle
  • Suzy Brack & The New Jack Lords - girl in a green floral dress backed by The Beach Boys; bass player looked like the big guy in NRBQ
  • Patrick Capone - he had blond hair
  • Cheer-Accident - off-key singer backed by a 10 piece horn section
  • Elizabeth Conant with Fareed Haque - polished torch singer with amazing jazz guitarist, Fareed Haque; performed “Makin' Whoopee”
  • The Delafields - accordion; they followed The New Duncan Imperials which is hard to do
  • Digable Cat - Remember Lisa Bonet's character in High Fidelity? This is her tribute band.
  • Dolly Varden - twangy
  • Duenow - imagine The White Stripes redone with Eminem dressed as a bowery boy (Jack) and a cute girl in a Vegas showgirl outfit on drums (Meg). Duenow was my favorite act.
  • The Early Risers - no show
  • Echosend - The Joliet wedding band scene is thriving.
  • El Guapo - “Guapo” means “Handsome” in Spanish
  • Epicycle - psychedelic solo keyboard act
  • Even in Blackouts - John from TMLMTBGB doing an acoustic guitar/singer duet on a Van Morrison song I can't remember the name of right now
  • Evil Beaver - aptly named; bass/drum duo; evil; have beavers
  • Gentleman John Battles - you have to see Gentleman John Battles to appreciate how much you don't want to see Gentleman John Battles. He performed a tribute to Vincent Price's birthday.
  • The Goldstars - solid pub rock
  • John Greenfield's Rock Band - I remember whose band this is
  • John Hasbrouck - scruffy guy playing bluesy riffs
  • The Kimi Hayes Band - Sheryl Crow is still a god to some
  • Lynn Jordan & The Shivers - Lynn was there w/o the Shivers; beautiful, acapella “Me and Bobby McGee”
  • Preston Klik's Ritual - brunette in leather pants cracked a whip in time to pre-recorded music; other people were performing other parts of Preston Klik's Ritual, but the girl had that whip.
  • The Loverhammers - no show?
  • The Molemen - solo rap speaking out against Bush
  • The Neverly Brothers - best. pompadour. ever. ever.
  • The New Duncan Imperials - amazed as always; these guys are legends; wore tuxedos and straw hats; played a song about wanting his girlfriend to be in a fire
  • Archer Prewitt - singer/songwriter; enjoyable
  • Rockets Over Sweden - their song lasted 45 seconds. I think I missed it.
  • Al Rose & The Transcendos - anti-Bush song by an older guy with a curly perm
  • Ellen Rosner - serious, hard hitting; can't figure out why she seems so familiar to me; she rocks out more than you'd think on first look
  • RD Roth & The Issues - no specifics; didn't offend
  • Tilda Tora - no show?
  • Troubled Hubble - can't remember
  • Twang Bang - I can't remember what the music sounded like, but they had a stop-motion film of a woman playing on a screen
  • Vernon Tonges & The Inepti - large man; 0 to sweaty in 60 seconds
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What you had to say:
May 28 2004

holy cow- you're Rainman! your comments are dead on and hysterical! awesome memory, my friend. only one you missed was the 'trumpeter' who apparently has lungs the size of a hamster or just learned one note before the show. i had a great time last night. gentleman john battles ROCKS!!!!!!!

May 28 2004

Which band was the non-trumpeter a member of? He stood up there during the multi-band encore of "(What's so funny about) Peace, Love, and Understanding" with trumpet in hand and didn't play a note. He kept teasing me though. Each time he brought it to his lips, he pulled it away and started dancing. He had to feel pretty bad up there not having a clue what to play.

I also couldn't remember the name of the Subdudes-like band: the 4 sensitive guys singing harmony.

How long until some fan of Echosend gives me hell for mocking his favorite band?

May 28 2004

check out the echosend site- i think they're from jersey and they are keeping it a secret. makes me embarrased to say i live in the south 'burbs. if you're probably going to get blasted for the echosend comments i'll say what i'm really thinking. we girls commented that the singer looked like the girl who was unpopular in high school so she recently went out and bought a much larger bra size and i think the guitarist must have tried out for the band 'survivor'.

not sure which band the non-trumpeter was from. he didn't look like he felt pretty bad- quite the opposite! he and the singer were up a few before the encore, but the sheet doesn't list them in order. i'll find it though. i've been checking out all these sites this morning.

May 28 2004

what a memory!!

May 28 2004

Movie of Duenow playing live at Metro

May 28 2004

Duenow is also playing this Sunday at Schuba's with Los Shut Up and Frisbie. Might have to check that out.

June 01 2004

"Blond Hair" is the only impression I made? I thought SOMEBODY would notice my blue gym shoes with green socks, too!

June 03 2004

Did somebody mention "Survivor"?

June 03 2004

ha! that's hysterical. if i didn't just see the survivor guy last week i'd go by a starbucks!

June 04 2004

Thanx for the compliment! NRBQ is(was)a great band!
A late seventies and eighties precursor of Phish!
Even though the "big guy" in NRBQ is the guitar player, I STILL appreciate you mentioning he and myself in the same sentence!!

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