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Thursday · May 27 2004

Sasquatch! Music Festival
I'd rather be in Washington State this Saturday.

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What you had to say:
May 27 2004

Aw, me too. But less for the festival and more because I love Washington state. LOVE.

May 27 2004

What a lineup! Man, I wish we could go.

May 27 2004

I saw Built to Spill perform in Chapel Hill, NC one night in 1996. They sucked that night. They looked completely bored, and I was depressed at having spent $12 and my Saturday night with them. Even my friends who were avid fans and had seen them before were disappointed. Has anyone seen them live and enjoyed the concert?

May 27 2004

I've seen Built to Spill 4 times. Doug always looks like that; he's not the sort of guitarist to jump all over the stage and put on a guitar face. He's an unassuming guy who's really happy that you came to listen to him.

Only once would I say I was somewhat letdown. I think he is one of the most interesting guitar hook writers out there, so just seeing him do his thing is cool by me. When he's playing fresh material I think he's at his best.

May 27 2004

There's a band playing on the second stage -- The Fruit Bats -- who are a local Chicago outfit, and are great.

May 27 2004

Wow, yes, talk about a lineup! If we leave tonight and drive straight there, we can still make it! Anybody game??? :)

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