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Thursday · May 27 2004

What if everyone who watches American Idol instead spent their aggregate time exploring and discovering artists who deserve attention? People might develop individual music taste. Apparently, America is so dumb, Paula Abdul must help people discern talent. It's like asking your four year old son to help you choose a painting to hang over the fireplace.

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What you had to say:
May 28 2004

I watched it once early on. I completely agree with your assessment.

May 28 2004

I had my four year old son help me choose the painting over our fireplace. He did such a good job, I've asked him to take a look at redecorating our living room. The kid works wonders with crepe paper and a Super Soaker. Seriously, what a difference.

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, my friend.

Oh yeah, American Idol is a waste. I agree.

May 28 2004

I started watching American Idol a couple of months ago, and I'm surprised that people feel so strongly about it -- either with love or hate. What's the big deal? Ever since I was a kid, talent shows were on television, whether it was Star Search or Solid Gold (ha!) or American Idol. And don't be so quick to say these artists don't deserve attention -- I assume you haven't heard Fantasia Barrino sing!

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