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Wednesday · May 26 2004

We celebrated my cousin, Danielle's, 21st birthday last night. I doubt I will ever again be sipping a Blue Hawaii at 7:30 on a Tuesday night at the Hala Kahiki Lounge with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I'd do it again, though: tiki atomosphere, tall drinks, and family.

Mom and Eugene showed up around 8:30 after the Idol finale (Is it over? I have no idea). Mom brought gifts for everyone including herself; Kristin's package of souvenirs from Europe had arrived in the mail. Eugene opened the box and mom pulled out chocolate tulips, a purse, a ceramic shot glass in the shape of a stein that cracked in transit, and a “It's Legal in Amsterdam” t-shirt and ashtray. The ashtray sparked a How cool is Amsterdam? / Where is Amsterdam? conversation among Danielle's friends at the far end of the table.

Condolences were shared for the ceramic shot glass. The stein was cracked in such a way that convinced my family a malicious, Dutch clerk tried to conceal the fracture. I showed them that Kristin herself had packed the items once back in California, but they held firm. At least she bought insurance. The Dutch clerk should be sending a replacement.

My presents came in a plastic bag from the Limited: cards written in mom's handwriting I had “given” to my grandparents when I was a baby and a Thanksgiving prayer penned in 4th grade. It's standard procedure to receive a trickle of guilt and nostalgia at family functions, even if you've been good.

I ordered another drink: a coconut and rum mix called a Coco-Mo-Ho-Ho. We took pictures, talked about Corey Patterson's tendency to swing at the first pitch, and grieved some more about the mini stein cracked in half by the nameless Dutch clerk. I left at 9:30, pulled out of the parking lot and waited 15 minutes for a slow-moving freight train to clear River Road.

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May 26 2004

sounds like you had a better time than usual at our family functions? darn, and of course i'm in California when everyone wasn't arguing over food/money or grandma???? he he
yeah mom called me later and reported she later broke the ashtray as she unfolded Eugene's t-shirt that he had wrapped it up in.
so 1/2 of my presents to them are broken!!
thanfully mom's mother's day gift was intact- hard to break a purse i guess.
can't believe Danielle's 21...ahhhh

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