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Monday · May 24 2004

Dear Those at Saturday's Party who groaned when “Ignition Remix” by R. Kelly came on the Jukebox:

You're wrong. John Darnielle agrees with me and that's good enough.


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May 24 2004


When I was driving in my little car with my friend K, who also likes a lot of the music that I'm embarrassed to admit out loud that I like, she got very excited when this song came on. I said, "I can't BELIEVE that Jason put this song on this mix." But the punchline is that although I like a lot of bad music, I don't really like this song? Give me Usher's "Yeah" or any song by - gasp - Ludacris over this particular song any day.

Did I just say that?


May 24 2004

A good hook is a good hook. A number of people were also abhorred by my taste for "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior, but that's the beauty of hosting a party -- you get to pick the music.

May 24 2004

You only get to pick the music at your party when Dan and I are too drunk to figure out how your mp3 player works... or where it is... Where was it?

May 24 2004

Ha, another hidden feature of the Slimp3 -- guests can't find the CD to change it on you.

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