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Thursday · May 20 2004

I'll admit I'm addicted to reading Plain Layne everyday. Soap operas can't compete with the daily drama she writes and the blitz of heated comments that follow. Kelly and I talk about her site like two housekeepers recapping General Hospital. Posts like this are a good reason why.

What you had to say:
May 20 2004

is this site just like yours? real stuff right?
jay- can you email me your gmail address again to my personal email account- i'm an idiot and didn't save it.

May 20 2004

Real as far as I know, but a *whole lot* more personal. If I wrote with her level of detail, I couldn't post my real name and picture. People set their own boundaries.

May 21 2004

Can i just say that the comment lines are sometimes just as fascinating as her actual entries?

May 21 2004

Yeah, no question. Some very judgmental commenters get on her case for being self-serving, but what's their motivation for yelling at her?

May 21 2004

hmmmmmm. the pot calling the kettle black?
i don't think that meg is really 16.

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